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Grand Rapids Michigan is the home of Grand Valley State University, Amway, and many amazing businesses.  I am particularly attached to Grand Rapids, because I graduated from GVSU. Having spent four fantastic years at the downtown campus, I got to know Grand Rapids very well. There are some really amazing companies doing really wonderful things for their community and for the fellow man.

Every time I drive through Grand Rapids, I think of how much it is growing. There is always some huge crane seen from 131 as I head south and that Crane seems to be help erect some new high rise building. So we know that Grand Rapids is doing well financially.

With that financial boom, there are often increased levels of competition for the same customer pool as when economic times were a bit leaner. So, as a savvy business owner, you find ways to stand out. You do email campaigns, you do coupon books, you have referral programs.

But, are you getting in front of people when it matters Most?

How SEO Grows Your Business

When you have a leaky toilet you call a plumber.  When you have a tooth ache you call the dentist.  So.. what happens when you don’t have a relationship with a plumber?  You use the internet and most likely, you use Google.

Same thing for looking for a builder, or construction company in Grand Rapids. You would type in Google, “Building Company, Grand Rapids” and look through the results. Maybe look at yelp to see who is reviewed highly as well.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Company that specializes in SEO can help grow your business by increasing your ability to be found when your customer has a need for your services the most.