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Detroit is coming back in a big way. With the increase in investments by companies like Quicken Loan and families like the Illitch’s, Detroit has a bright future ahead.

One of the things that comes along with prosperity is, competition.  As a business owner you need to find ways to continually innovate to bring in new customers. Whether you own a restaurant, a construction company, or you own an out patient  surgery center, you consistently need new clientele coming into the business.

Our Digital Marketing Agency Specializes in Organic SEO which helps you bring in traffic from Google searches.  When you are found at the top of the search results, it signifies a few things to the searcher.

  • You are a legitimate business
  • Google trusts you

Since Google is the most used search engine there cannot be a better place to be found to attract new business online.  Organic search results convert better than PPC, or Google Adwords, because of the “Ad” lettering right next to those advertised results. People are conditioned to trust those less because they are perceived to as being “bought” or promotional, instead of letting Google vet the business through its algorithm.

So having a trust source like Google at your back will lend serious credibility to your business

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